Join Team WayBlazer

Our Values

  1.    Blaze your own trail

We are unafraid of the unknown. We tackle difficult problems together through creativity and innovation.


  1.   Always commit to excellence and integrity

We deliver our best work with no exception. In every situation, we honor what is right by the Company, our tribe, and our clients.


  1.   Radical candor

We are open and honest with one another. Frankness not only helps us become better people, but it improves morale and the future success of our company.

  1.   Respect the tribe and the planet

We hold each other in high esteem and treat one another with honor and deference. We also extend this sentiment to our planet, without which travel wouldn’t exist.


  1.   Live with passion and wanderlust

We live and breathe travel and technology. After we conquer a new challenge, we search for our next great adventure.


  1.   Take work seriously, but not yourself

Creating stellar technology is important, but so is celebrating our achievements. We love tackling challenging problems, but balance it out with a heavy dose of laughter, fun, and photoshop.

Blazer Benefits

Your health is our priority!

100% paid employee health, dental, life, AD&D, and vision insurance.

Some friendly competition.

Like regular KanJam and ping pong games. Blow off some steam with your coworkers by joining pick up games in the office. Go ahead, join in!  Even the CEO gets in on the fun.

401k program.

Receive big company benefits like a 401k to save for your future.

Spirit animal team days!

To honor our spirit animals, we hold a team bonding day dedicated to them once a quarter.  Everyone wears their spirit animal shirts and takes some time off to have fun.

Free lunch and snacks!

We honor our hometown by bringing in local vendors and products, beer included.

Friday Fun.

We won’t bore you with an all hands meeting every week. We casually share demos, beers, and general merriment before we take off for the weekend.

Do you have what it takes to be a Blazer?