Dynamically merchandise your properties to be personalized for every user

Merchandizing AI as a Service

Did you know the same A.I. technology that powers our own sites can be applied to your custom hotel inventory?

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AI Personalization Element by Element

In the context of travelers and their specific trip


Images convey more information, faster. Visual is the new verbal. Contextual images can increase click through rates by 40% or more (ExactTarget).

Sort Order

Over 90% of searchers don’t go past the first page of results (Infront Webworks). Display the most relevant properties to maximize conversion potential.


Reviews are table-stakes for travelers. And while online reviews are growing exponentially, travelers are more time-pressed than ever. Provide the most relevant excerpts from your content to give travelers the information they need to book.

Local Area Knowledge

Travelers visit 38 destination sites before purchasing (Skift). Deliver contextual POIs to keep more travelers on your site.

Introducing the Merchandizing AI Suite

Image AI

With Image AI, you can dynamically merchandise only the most relevant photos for each user and their trip type.  Whether you use our API or widget, the thumbnails on your search results page can be personalized before the page even finishes loading.  The technology can be extended to the property’s details page, where the entire order of the photos can be personalized for every traveler.

Sort AI

Our Sort AI merchandizes the order of the properties so travelers spend less time searching for the property that best matches their trip intent.

Evidence AI

Evidence AI finds and surfaces only the most relevant reviews, insights, and property information for each traveler and their trip type.

Local Area Knowledge AI

LAK AI focuses on helping travelers make more contextually-informed decisions on where to stay by merchandising nearby amenities and points of interest.

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