WayBlazer is the first company focused on delivering AI to the travel industry

The Cognitive Travel Graph

Our Cognitive Travel Graph connects and weights millions of concepts about travel. Concepts are connected to each other through a series of bi-directional edges that can be strong, weak, or even negative in their connection to each other.

Extracting Hotel Concepts

When a hotel is ingested into our Cognitive Travel Graph, a series of intelligent events occur to understand more about that specific property. All descriptions on the hotel are read, every image is scanned, and every review is parsed to create a series of concepts and weights for each property.

Extracting Traveler Concepts

As a traveler begins his or her search, WayBlazer understands the type of trip and profile of that particular user he or she will take through a series of triggers and cues. Concepts are inferred both implicitly and explicitly in real time for every search from every user.

Connecting the dots

Finally, the magic happens when the concepts from the traveler are traversed through the Cognitive Travel Graph and the perfect hotel is surfaced for them. After finding the perfect hotel, WayBlazer presents each of the suggested hotels in the perfect manner.

Enable travelers to make better decisions, faster

Travelers struggle to keep up with an overwhelming sea of information, but Watson can understand that information and bridge gaps in our knowledge, helping us to make better decisions, faster. With Watson, discoveries and advances happen more quickly and decisions are made faster and with more confidence.